General Guidelines

  1. Schools, both public and private, from all over Pakistan are eligible to participate in World Space Week.
  2. Each school shall register on WSW webpage and obtain unique web ID.
  3. At the time of registration, each school may select minimum one and maximum of as many activities as desired from the enlisted activities to be conducted at their premises
  4. Schools shall conduct the selected activities on their premises from 4 to 10 Oct 2019 only.
  5. Schools have to sign up on, go through the guidelines and report their event or add event on the respective website. This is mandatory for each participating school to get their performance registered at international level.
  6. After successfully conducting the event, the schools shall upload the event report on given template supported with pictures/videos of the event till 25th October 2019.

Rules for Best Space School Competition

  1. All registered schools will be eligible to compete for the 'Best Space School' competition.
  2. Schools shall be judged on the following criteria, primarily based on the report and pictorial evidence submitted to SUPARCO.
  3. a. Total number of activities
    b. Total strength (participants + audience)
    c. Ambiance (presentation, décor of the venue)
    d. Thematic relevancy
    e. Innovative ideas (out of the box activity held relevant to the theme)
    f. Media Coverage (Print/electronic media)
  4. The winning schools will be given certificates, title of ‘Best Space School’ and a handsome cash prize. Moreover, winning schools will be featured on SUPARCO’s official website.
  5. For less than 10 registered schools, 1 school each from public & private sector will be selected as winners; for 10-100 registered schools, 10 % of schools each from public & private sectors will be selected as winners; and for over 100 registered schools, 10 schools each from public and private sector will be selected as winners.
  6. All registered schools willing to participate in the ‘Best Space School Competition’ are obliged to provide event report (as mentioned in guidelines) to SUPARCO
  7. All schools shall abide by the Rules and Guidelines set by SUPARCO. Decision/Judgment will solely be the responsibility of SUPARCO and will be final, subject to no objection whatsoever.
  8. SUPARCO reserves the right to warn or disqualify any entry in case of violations at any stage.
  9. SUPARCO reserves all the right to amend, cancel, and withdraw any rule of the competition at any stage of the event.